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The Morgan Family

Our Company Story

Agua de Vida (Water of Life) came to fruition as we are passionate about healthier water for our family and for yours. It is our pleasure to provide healthy alkaline water to Rockwall & surrounding areas. Alkaline water became a Morgan Family household staple when one of our own was diagnosed with a disease in 2019. Rather than seek western medicine treatment we opted for a more holistic approach. It was then that we were introduced to alkaline water as part of the healing journey.

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We can test your water ​for free. Bring in a ​sample!

We help load your water upon request :)

5 liters. Big plastic bottle of potable water on a dark background.

Alkaline water by the gallon at $2.10 per gallon. Much less than the local grocery stores, and freshly filtered & bottled

Our Products

Ambre Blends perfumes

LMNT electrolyte salts

Hancock Hill Farm’s all-natural soaps & ​lotions


What is alkaline water?

Regular water has a pH of 7.

Alkaline water has a pH level ​of 8 or greater.

With the infusion of trace ​minerals, like zinc, magnesium, ​and calcium, alkaline water ​aids in improving muscle ​recovery and hydration.

Can you actually taste the ​difference between purified water ​and alkaline water?

Yes, the taste is noticeably different.

Alkaline water is tasteless, odorless, ​and quenches your thirst like nothing ​else!

Can I bring my own jugs, or do I ​have to buy the ones in store?

Yes, you can bring your own jugs ​and we’ll sanitize and fill them.

If you don’t have any, we offer a ​variety of jug sizes in-store.

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